Conferences in Kolkata - Cherish & Enjoy Partaking In the Biggest events In 2021

Aside from Delhi, Mumbai & Chennai Kolkata is the other Indian state that boasts remarkable results in the research work, academic outcomes, and scientific studies. Kolkata is center of eastern part India it is famous for educational, commercial and cultural centre. Kolkata also has a flourishing community of extremely talented and visionary researchers, scholars, scientists and others who conduct remarkable research work in a variety of fields including Agriculture, Biotechnology, Applied Sciences, Genetic Studies, etc. All of these highly successful scholars and researchers of Kolkata and India attribute attending an international conference in Kolkata, as the stepping stone to their success. Learn something new and elevate your career, while you're taking part in the biggest international conference in Kolkata that are pertinent to your respective field of study. At you will find detailed has been serving as the number one source of reliable and trustworthy information on every upcoming conference in Kolkata 2022, for millions of young scientists and academicians of Kolkata who wish to reach the global stage and make their groundbreaking research work and outcomes known to the entire world! This is because, here, one can find detailed lists of upcoming events scheduled to take place in every field imaginable as well as the provision to subscribe to convenient and free-of-charge conference alerts that are sent to subscribers via email.

October : 2021

International Conference on Agriculture (ICAG)

31st Oct To 31st Oct 2021, Kolkata, India

International Conference on Fisheries And Aquaculture (ICFA)

31st Oct To 31st Oct 2021, Kolkata, India

International Conference on Nutrition & Health (ICNH)

31st Oct To 31st Oct 2021, Kolkata, India

World Disability & Rehabilitation Conference (WDRC)

31st Oct To 31st Oct 2021, Kolkata, India

November : 2021

International Conference on Aerospace and Aerodynamics (ICAA)

07th Nov To 08th Nov 2021, Kolkata, India

International conference on arts and humanities (ICAH)

14th Nov To 14th Nov 2021, Kolkata, India

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